Costs & Timelines


Mild Orthodontic Treatments

Generally a mild Orthodontic treatment is a treatment that lasts anywhere from as little as 6 months to approximately  12 months. Typical cases include minor over-crowding where one or two teeth are twisted/rotated out of line or small spaces exist between the teeth. Both fixed appliances and Invisalign can be used in most instances and in most cases do not require the extraction of any teeth.

Pictured is an example of a typical mild case.
Typical pricing: From $4,500 for one arch to $6,500 for both upper and lower arches


Moderate Orthodontic Treatments

A moderate Orthodontic case presents a bit more of a challenge and typically lasts between 12-18 months depending on the problem. Most moderate cases can be corrected with fixed appliances or Invisalign. Normally in a moderate case, a number of teeth are out of line or twisted/rotated or the spaces between the teeth are larger. A variety of the more minor bite-related problems can be fixed with a moderate treatment package.

Pictured is an example of a typical moderate case;
Typical Pricing: From $5,500 for one arch to $7,500 for both arches


Complex Orthodontic cases

Complex Orthodontic treatments normally involve a number of different more challenging Orthodontic problems that sometime need  the treatment to be done over two separate phases. In other situations, braces on their own are not sufficient to correct the problem and a patient with a complex orthodontic problem may also require surgery to the jaws and/or extraction of teeth to achieve the desired result. Typical treatment times are between 24-36 months.

Pictured is an example of a complex case;
Typical Pricing: $8,500 (does not include cost for surgery or extractions  if required)


*Prices quoted are for treatments involving routine fixed braces or Invisalign only. Additional charges apply for Lingual braces.