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Benefits of Early Orthodontics

Benefits of Early Orthodontics How early is too early for an orthodontic treatment? The truth is, it’s almost never too early! There are a wide range of benefits for seeking orthodontic care early in your child’s life. Increasingly, parents are becoming more and more aware of how crucial good dental health is and its correlation with our overall health. When it comes to great dental health, orthodontic consultations...

Best Options for Adult Braces in Melbourne

Best Options for Adult Braces in Melbourne Wondering why you see more and more adults wearing braces? A 2019 report confirmed that of the approximately 300,000 people in Australia that use braces, almost a quarter of them are adults who are 19 years old and above. So, why are braces becoming more and more popular for adults? One of the big factors is cost. As braces become more and more affordable, mo...